A portion of the budget is allocated to donation requests for urgent needs. There is great need for such assistance and we have focus areas for the donations portfolio as per below:

Communication solution for schools – Basic communication tools for administrative purposes consisting of a PC, a 4in1 Printer, Telefax modem, 3G connectivity and start up data and airtime.

Early Childhood Development – Training of ECD practitioners, changing after care facilities to be ECD centres that properly stimulate the children’s learning abilities.

Caring for girls – thousands of girls miss school due to lack of sanitary wear Vodacom Foundation through two NPO’s namely Dignity Dreams and SAAI, donate reusable pads and reusable menstrual cups that last up to 5 years.

Wheelchairs – We donate wheelchairs & custom made mobility devises to disable children and those in need, giving them a better life.

Life Changing Operations – we afford individuals who need urgent assistance with funds for critical life changing operations