Health is one of the Vodacom Foundation’s three main focus areas. In keeping with the strategy of leveraging Vodacom’s ICT capacity to assist Government in key areas, the Vodacom Foundation has developed a Stock Visibility Solution (SVS). Clinics around the country often struggle to meet the demand of critical and life-saving medication. The Vodacom Foundation’s Stock Visibility Solution (SVS) addresses this challenge by providing technology solutions that help clinics improve their stock management systems.

In addition to this ground-breaking project, the Vodacom Foundation also has longstanding relationships with various health non-profit organisations, providing them with support and funding.



Lack of supply chain visibility is a major problem in today’s global supply chains. To be effectively managed, supply chain resources need to be linked. Real-time visibility is very important. Visibility of suppliers’ production rates, shipment lead times, in-house inventory, historical data, and customer sales projections help to improve efficiency and fulfilment rates.

Visibility means organisations can track and trace products, alert customers of availability, and improve on delivery. The good news is that technology can help to bring more visibility to stock systems, and this is why the Vodacom Foundation has partnered with South Africa’s Department of Health (DoH) to roll-out a stock visibility solution (SVS) in KZN, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Free State, North West, and the Eastern Cape. Vodacom’s SVS is currently operational in 605 clinics in KZN, 478 in Limpopo and 780 in the Eastern Cape. The total number of stock updates, as at April 2016, is 1,147,639.

With further collaboration between the Vodacom Foundation and the Department of Health it is hoped to roll out the SVS across the country.



SVS is a mobile, phone-based stock monitoring and evaluation system. It provides a mechanism with which stock levels, expiry dates, stock received and future (projected) stock requirements can be recorded, analysed and reported to the relevant parties. The advantages:

  • Improves the visibility of medical stock, by making data readily available to all stakeholders, including customers
  • Promotes quick response to change, by allowing users to take action and shape demand, or redirect supply
  • Provides the required information to increase accessibility to inventory items
  • Can be integrated to work with Vodacom M2M Cold Chain Solutions, to further enhance visibility
  • Role based authentication that can be deployed across managerial and geographical boundaries.