Changing Lives

On 18 September 2015 a caller phoned the GBV Command Centre for assistance to help her friend that is being physically abused. The caller said that her friend’s boyfriend has physically assaulted her and is also verbally abusing her. As a result of the physical abuse her friend has lost her unborn child. The caller added that she and her friend tried to report the case to SAPS, but without any success. The GBV Command Centre agent provided them with details as to how and to whom at SAPS the case should be reported to. The GBV Command Centre also advised the client to apply for a protection order at their closest magistrate court
30 September 2015 The GBV Command Centre did a follow-up with the caller who indicated that they have managed to get a protection order and that the victim is attending further counselling sessions with People Opposing Woman Abuse (POWA). The caller also added that the perpetrator has appeared in court and was found guilty of murder and physical violence. The caller added that they are very satisfied with the assistance they received from the GBV Command Centre. She indicated that she will support her friend through this whole process.