Vodacom Change the World Launch



Volunteering is key focus of the Vodacom Foundation. The Vodacom Change the World programme, introduced in 2011, gives all South Africans, including Vodaocom employees the opportunity to volunteer their time and skills by working at a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) for a period of 12 months, at no cost to the NPO or the Volunteer. To date, 750 volunteers have shown their passion for supporting a good cause at 75 respective NPOs.

Through this programme, we contribute towards skills development and help create a culture of volunteering through the transfer of human capital. By relieving NPOs of the burden of paying for the services of skilled volunteers, the programme provides much needed expertise to the NPO sector.

“The Vodacom Change the World programme has made a great impact to the organisation that I have been privileged to be a volunteer for. It has afforded me the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with prospective donors and to secure sustainable funding for the Singakwenza Education and Health Non-Profit Organisation. This will ensure that they continue to provide the life changing early childhood programmes that they do to children in economically disadvantaged communities.” (Linda Hill, Project Coordinator and Fundraiser for Singakwenza Education and Health NPC).

Some of the highlights over the past years include:
  • More than 700 auxilliary social workers have been trained who are making a difference to the lives of 152,000 people daily across the Free State Province
  • Launching the ‘soup brick’ concept (freezing soup into a brick and adding additional micronutrients after re-heating) in 2011 caught the attention of the White House and has since been implemented in India
  • In 2011 raised more than R1.2million for an NPO in Waterberg who’s key focus is to assist people infected and affected by HIV/Aids;
  • One volunteer worked as a volunteer in 2011 with an NPO focused on early childhood development and in 2012 she started her own NPO that focuses on education of health of young children
  • Identified 6 serial rapists during tenure as Court Case Coordinator
  • The first isiZulu speech therapy application was developed to assist people who suffer from Aphasia to better communicate with care givers, family and friends
  • The International Stroke Foundation adopted the “Fresh Tips from Vintage Lips” as their national campaign in 2013 – developed by a CtW volunteer
  • Secured international funding from an international airline for the coming years
  • Two children have been adopted by two volunteers during their programme
  • R4,3 million in Services SETA training funding secured for 2015, R11 million for 2016
  • Disabled boy received blades and rehabilitation from Jumping Kids, which enabled him to, within two years, progress from not being able to walk to breaking three world records and being in line to qualify for the Rio Paralympics